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President 会长

Benedict Lim Chin Khian

Benedict Lim Chin Khian
Academic BSc. (Hons) Physics, UPM
MSc. Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing, UPM
Years of experience in aquaculture 15 Years
Working experience 1. Seaweed – planting, JV R&D with UMS, USM, UPM, UTM
2. Marine fish – hatchery, nursery, growth out, JV R&D with USM and UPM
3. Marine prawn – growth out, JV R&D with UPM
4. Crab – Broodstock, hatchery and growth out
5. Green mussels – hatchery and growth out
Specialist in pond system,
Pond-cage system,
Biofloc system and
Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)Consultation and Project Development
Other Info 1. Aquaculture Advisor for Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) Agrofood Productivity Nexus (AFPN)
2. Aquaculture Advisory committee for Community College, Ministry of Higher Education

Deputy President 副会长

Koo Kok Leong

Academic Secondary School
Industry Experience Since 1983
Species experience Tilapia, Gold Fish, KOI
Product Working Experience Aquaculture, Live Stock & Agriculture- Feed & Equipment Supplies
Other Info 1. MADA Annual Dinner 2016, 2018, 2019
2. Leader of MADA Delegation to GuangZhou, FuZhou, Taiwan and QingDao.
3. Leader of MADA Delegation to International Eel Indsutrial and Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance 2019 in XiaMen.
4. Leader of MADA Delegation to Training Course for Aquatic Technician from China-ASEAN in GuangDong.
5. Anugerah Pertandingan Selangor Agrofest 2013
6. Penternak Ikan Jaya Peringkat Negeri Selangor 2015
7. Champion- MADA Tilapia Competition 2015

Deputy President 副会长

Jimmy Ting Chin Loong

Secretary 总务

Erin Tan Chung Wei

Erin Tan Chung Wei
Academic : BSc. Biotechnology. Universiti Malaya
Master of Zoology (Fish Health) University of Guelph, Canada
Industry Experience : 24 Yrs
Species & product working experience : Breeding hormones, anesthetics, beneficial bacteria, disinfectants
Specialty : Aquaculture products and services

Deputy Secretary 副总务

Dr. Chong Chou Min

Dr. Chong Chou Min
Academic PhD (Immunology, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Industry Experience 8 Years
Species & product working experience Immunoprophylactics (vaccines, therapeutics, immunostimmulants, feed additives) for both freshwater and marine species
Specialty : Fish health and immunology (R&D, consultation and tertiary education )
Other Info Senior lecturer (UPM), Research associate (IBS), Honorary treasurer (MFS)

Treasurer 财政

Quek Choo Koon

Quek Choo Koon
Academic Bachelor in Accounting (Chartered Accountants )
Years of experience in aquaculture 15 Years
Species experience i) Marble goby
ii) Hybrid goby
iii) Tilapia, GIFT
iv) Jade Perch
v) Snakehead
Product working experience i) Aquaculture feed distribution
ii) Biotechnology product & equipment supplies for Aquaculture & Agriculture industry
iii) Fresh water fish hatcheries, breeding & farming
iv) Business & tax consultants
v) Restaurants & food chain provider
v) Importer & exporter
vi) Agriculture & Aquaculture projects planner & developments
vii) Distribution & retails of seafood
Specialty i) RAS system
ii) Hatcheries, Breeding, & Farming
iii) Agriculture & Aquaculture One Stop Centre Service Provider
Other Info 1) Speaker in MADA seminar
– Farming of Fresh Water Fish (15 June 2019)

Deputy Treasurer 副财政

Dr. Pearl Kwan Penz Penz

Executive Committee 理​事

Leong Main Kong

Leong Main Kong
Academic Diploma in mechanical engineering
Industry Experience 10 year oil & gas
20 year in restaurant
And 6 year fish farming
Species Experience black Tilapia
Specialty operating Restaurants

Executive Committee 理​事

Thomas Thong Kok Sin

Executive Committee 理​事

Khoo Jia Zin

Executive Committee 理​事

Kevin See Sin Tiong

Executive Committee 理​事

Tan Joo Seng

Tan Joo Sheng
Academic SRP (Form 3)
Industry Experience 15 Yrs
Species & Working Experience Species experience :
i) Freshwater (breed & export)
– Pleco
– Arowana
– Stingray
– Altum Angel
– Discus
– Murray Cod
– Jade Perch
– Hybrid Marble Goby
– Aquatic Plant
ii) Marine Fish
– Clownfish
– Damselfish
– Grouper
– Snapper
– Giant Trevally
– Coral TroutProduct working experience
i) Biotechnology product for Aquaculture, Agriculture, Livestock & Environment
Specialty i) Recycling Aquaculture System
ii) Hatcheries, Nursery, Grow Up
iii) Variety of Agriculture Species Experiences
iv) Venturing in Agriculture, Aquaculture and Biotechnology
Other Info 1) Speaker in MADA seminar
– Knowledge of Biotechnology in Aquaculture (6 June 2015)