MADA stands for Malaysia Aquaculture Development Association. It was inaugurated in 24th June 1999. The membership consisted of mainly aquaculture farming operators and investors. The current membership, which has also extended to various suppliers of aquaculture inputs, has a size of 250 members.


Our Association

​Aquaculture will have to play an increasingly important role in meeting the global demand for fisheries products as the population continues to expand and fisheries stocks approach their biological limits. Although world aquaculture production reached an all time high of 28.8 million metric tons valued at $45.4 billion (US$) in 1997, aquaculture production will have to expand at least two fold to meet world demand for fisheries products by the year 2025.

The progressive development and expansion of aquaculture will be dependent on the generation, dissemination, and adoption of knowledge and technology consistent with broad societal, national and international goals.

As aquaculture production expands to meet the global demand for fisheries products, it is essential that efficient and environmentally sustainable production systems be developed and utilized.

宗旨 Mission and objective

Aims and objectives

1. To Promote and safeguard the interests of the members of the Association
1. 促进和保障会员的利益

2. To develop and foster friendship and co-operation among the members
2. 发和促进友谊和会员之间的合作

3. To promote the growth and development of the aquaculture industry in Malaysia
3. 促进马来西亚水产养殖的增长和发展

4. To undertake and organize seminars, conferences, training courses, exhibition and related activities of various types
4. 承担并组织研讨会,会务,培训课程,展览和各种水产业相关的活动。

5. To provide and produce relevant publications for the interest, benefits and academic pursuits of members subjects to the prior approval of the appropriate authorities
5. 提供和出版对会员有利的刊物。

6. To acquire and exchange knowledge and experience among fish and prawn farmers and breeders and related registered bodies, local and abroad, to improve the standards and quality in the aquaculture industry
6. 获鱼虾农民和育种者之间的交流知识和经历,提高水产养殖经的水源和质量。

7. To strive for greater recognition of the Malaysian aquaculture industry in local and overseas market
7. 争取马来西亚水产养殖业在本地和海外市场获得更大的承认。


Malaysia Aquaculture Development Association (MADA) is strategically positioned to play an important role in assisting the progressive development of Malaysia’s aquaculture by meeting the increased global demand for science-based information and technology.  In order to meet the challenges of the future, MADA has a long-term vision and mission priorities.

MADA organizes a range of other meetings to cover specific topics or needs. These regional and local meetings provide an excellent opportunity for those who are unable to attend the Annual Aquaculture conferences.

The Association has a range of membership options and benefits to meet the diverse interests of persons wishing to join this aquaculture community.